Missing advanced form features


I’ve been using the Mailchimp plugin but I do miss some advanced features.

For example, setting a placeholder text for input fields so I can create a more compact signup box without labels.

And the ability to activate a honeypot field and to completely remove the firstname and lastname fields from the code. Now I do get signups with strange names, probably because there are a bot.

Although I customised the plugin to my needs but these changes get lost on a update.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Brian,

    I hope you’re having a great day and thank you for your thoughts!

    I think that some of those changes are actually the consequences of MailChimp’s development itself. I can totally understand though how handy those features might be. Of course you can recreate some of them with a bit of customization and CSS styling but it’d be just a workaround.

    That being said, I’m moving this thread to our “Features and Feedback” forum and hopefully some other members of our community will support the idea to bring back those features with one of future releases.

    Have a good day,


  • brianv
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your reply!

    The CSS workaround isn’t really pretty since you’ll get some clutter in your list when a bot passes by.

    I’m still working to enhance some features I needed, shall I share those changes in this forum or do I need to send it to the developer?


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