Missing countries in Marketpress

Having selected 'All Countries' in the shipping section of the the cart, in the shipping pull down for Countries there are no entries for Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man and therefore probably others.

Is there a way of adding new country names that wont be overwritten or can this setting be updated to include more than the current subset stored in the cart system?

Marketpress version current WP.

  • ElyseBH

    Hi Predrag

    Thanks for sending me the link to this discussion - unfortunately this code doesn't seem to work for me? I've logged out to test it, I've reloaded the page, I've wiped internet history and I've tested in Chrome (just in case!), but it doesn't give me the option to select Guernsey or Jersey. It doesn't respond any differently than it did before without the code.

    @donty did it work on your site?

  • donty

    Thanks, but I just got first notice of an answer on this thread. That seems to often happen with wpmu, ie no notifications arrive - responses can be quick like this was but other times you can keep coming back to check but its days/weeks later before a constructive response and I have to move on way faster. We gave a free product to the customer as recompense.

    I appreciate the offer of the quick fix but we couldn't dip in and out editing theme code that may be used on other sites in the network. We would need to create a complete lab environment to child the theme first, switch themes, hope nothing got lost in the switching etc. So if we are going to mess with the live site, it will be for a proper solution.

    We are looking at how to move to Woocommerce as there seem to be lots of backward steps with newer release of Marketpress last several months. From missing addresses on orders, missing countries, 'quick setup' loops and loss of any reporting/exports/etc. All a bit amateurish and losing us sales.

    After that initial response (that I didnt see til now), its now 3 weeks or so and no proper solution offered or considered and I am not the only one with the problem on this thread and ElyseBH has waitied 2 weeks also.

    Does Marketpress have a commercial team on it or is it a sort of hobby/part time plugin? Nothing wrong with either, just might help with the expectations :wink:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @donty,

    I hope you're well today!

    After that initial response (that I didnt see til now), its now 3 weeks or so and no proper solution offered or considered and I am not the only one with the problem on this thread and ElyseBH has waitied 2 weeks also.

    I understand your frustration of course but please note that you've never responded to Predrag's post. I understand that you haven't seen his response until now but if subscribed to the thread you should get an e-mail notification immediately once it was posted here. Since we had no response from you were not aware whether the solution worked for you or not.

    That said, have you had a chance to test it? If so, did it work for you? Let me know please!

    As for "permanent solution". Predrag has passed this to our developers but I'm not able to give you any ETA on this. This is not a "hobby/part time plugin" and as such is given special attention, meaning that all the fixes (including other issues) had to be prioritized (and we as support staff are not in a position to do this, that's up to development team leaders and our CTO) and once implemented - properly tested. I apologize for the delay on this and I assure you that once it's ready it will be immediately released with one of the future MarketPress releases.

    Kind regards,

  • ElyseBH


    If it's the case that this issue has had to go back to developers, is it safe to assume that this is an issue that won't get fixed for a while? Latest release of MarketPress seemed to be a list of "Fixed" items, so my guess is adding a few countries to the list, while it should be a relatively quick fix (it must just be a referenced list somewhere),it will actually be quite low on the list of priorities since it won't be an issue that affects a huge number of people?

    Would I be better off rolling back to a previous version that actually worked? I am now aware that I haven't been able to accept channel island orders now since Wednesday, although in reality it is probably since Nov 26 when I first ran the update. Problem is I know that there are people waiting on me to resolve this so they can place orders.

    It's a shame that this update is actually causing me to lose money now, both in terms of potentially lost orders and in the huge amount of time that I have had to spend fixing websites and retesting things.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello ElyseBH!

    I really understand you point of view but as much as I'd love to there's no way of knowing for me whether developers will be able to deal with it in a next few hours or days. I've already replayed to your original thread here:


    As you can see, in addition to our devs, I've also asked our 2nd-line support for help. I know they're all focused on improving MP stability but since this seems as relatively simple fix, there's a chance they'll find a way to add it soon.

    For further reference, could we please continue in your original thread? This way it will be easier for me and my colleagues to follow all the information and updates, therefore it will speed up our responses. Thank you for understanding!

    Best regards,

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