Missing divs on MarketPress CheckOut

Hi team

I've noticed when your cart is empty and you go to the default Checkout page that MarketPress creates - it is missing a /div tag which is throwing my layout out.

Example (to show it isn't my template)

Working fine: http://classcoach.com.au/store/cart/
Footer of my site looks normal - all good

then you go to Checkout: http://classcoach.com.au/store/checkout/

It looks like whatever code the shortcode for checkout uses - is missing an end div which is cutting the rest of my site up.

You can also check it out in this tool: http://www.tormus.com/tools/div_checker#show_div_map

Put in the first URL, comes back fine. Put in the checkout - shows that divs are missing.

I've changed nothing in my template and everything else works fine.

Can you please help? I can't launch this with this issue.