Missing images on iOS device only

I have noticed that some of my images are not showing on IOS devices. Furthermore, according to SEMRush, the images are missing. On my windows PC and Android devices I see the images.

Livechat staff looked to have sorted this in SEMRush which shows the issue as resolved now, but when I view the site on iphone ios, the images are still missing.



  • Prathamesh Palve
    • Staff

    Helo twinsmagic

    I went ahead and checked the site from almost five-plus iOS devices of different sizes and all the images seemed to be loading fine to me. I also checked the same from multiple locations just to be sure.

    The following is the complete checklist of steps taken on my end:

    1. Checked on multiple iOS devices

    2. Checked from multiple locations

    3. Checked from iPhone 8+ and iPhone Xs

    4. All the images in the Media library look good

    5. Chrome & Safari Browsers checked on all the devices

    Can you clear your device caches once and then give a try? Also please try checking this from Incognito mode and let me know if that works for you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  • twinsmagic
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Thanks for your reply. I was able to fix it myself. Apparently there was an issue with the images themselves. After originally uploading the images, the thumbnails were missing in the media library however still displayed in my browser so I didn't think anything about it. See this screenshot

    So I re-uploaded the images, this time the thumbnails did display and now the images are seen on my Ipad. I'm still not tottally sure what made the thumbnails not display. The only difference was that I was trying to name my image filenames for SEO. I used "Minneapolis-magician-David-Farr.png" When I uploaded that, I got the blank thumbnail. I tried again but named the file on my computer "Minneapolis magician David Farr.png" with the spaces, uploaded that and the thumbnail worked. Long story short, it's all good now.

    Thank you!

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