Missing localizations


I found a couple of places where some localizations are missing:

1. user-question: question/questions and answer/answer

2. the email sent to the user when a new answer is posted

For the user-question the solution was to copy the file to my template folder and edit it but I still don’t know how to solve the email issue.

Update: In the settings I have a fully translated template for an email (which seems to be used for when a new question is posted) but then the email I got when a new answer was posted contains unlocalized portions:


From: “<mail@nunogodinho.com” <mail@nunogodinho.com>

Subject: [Perguntas do Abapinho] New answer on “Quem matou Moby Dick?”

Date: 16 April 2012 10:14:40 AM GMT+01:00

To: mail@nunogodinho.com

sdfraga adicionada nova resposta a Quem matou Moby Dick?:

Quem matou o Moby foi o Rock!

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Please advise.