missing most of the controls on the theme options page!

When I open theme options the page link index at the top shows
Scripts, Slides,Feature, Footer Feature, Header, Branding
and yet the only thing available is slideshow settings.

  • mobiepete

    Hi Phil
    After I submitted the topic I thought about that but was tired and didn't follow through plus i only have two plugins and one is from wpmu. Sure enough the other on is the culprit. It is "Comprehensive Google Map Plugin". the links work as soon as i disable it. Thanks so much for your help.
    I have had another plugin cause similar problems on another theme and as updates took place they it ended up breaking the site, will you be looking at a fix on this or do I need to find a different plugin. For now I can disable it to make changes but worried about further issues down the road. Again thanks for your help.