Missing Multisite Network tools after Snapshot Pro restore Main site

The project is a migration from single install into multisite. The mainsite needs to be root, and there is a subdir site. I used Snapshot pro on source and target, after setting up multisite on target and mirroring WP settings.

Snapshot pro seems to have worked well, except I'm missing Multisite tools. The attached screenshot shows missing tools from Multisite Network page of the target. I have a subdirectory site, and there's no Add functionality. Not sure what else is missing there. I confirmed that wp-config.php and .htaccess are untouched and appear correct, and I found all the additional tables in the database for Multisite. I also can browse to my subdirectory site and see it.

I thought about reinstating the sample-wp-config.php and starting the install procedure for multisite again, but I would hate to have to recreate my subdir site.