missing plugins after WPcore upgrade

Hi – I recently updated the WP core on a complex BP site. I stupidly did not deactivate the plugins first. Now I am finding that BP is not even showing in the plugins page and yet the BP folder and files are still there in filemanager. BP is also not showing in the left admin nav of the dashboard.

However – a number of other plugins are not showing and yet ARE installed, showing in the sidebar in admin, and functional as I can access their settings page. For instance I have a plugin called ‘BP WP nav bar’. The thing is that this and other plugins are also NOT showing on the plugins page.

In fact in filemanager I see 89 plugins (I know thats got to be overkill but not all of them are activated and it is a complex site) and yet on the plugins page under all plugins I see 59 listed.

Seems like I have made a mess of the plugins page. Any suggestions how to reset or make WP detect the plugins that have folders installed correctly? Any tips on what went wrong and whether not diabling plugins before upgrading was the problem?

Thanks ~

Narada Das