Missing post & page images in 3.0.1 upgrade

I just used your handy "5 Easy Steps" to upgrade to 3.0.1. with Multi-DB, and activated Multisite per WordPress.org instructions. Everything seems to work except the images on posts and pages, and images in the Media Library. I get the famous "X" for the image. Widgets are not effected. I double checked that blogs.php is deleted and the htaccess file is updated pointing to ms-files.php. Images are in the blogs.dir. Same problem on two different multisites just upgraded. What step did I miss?
Chuck S.

  • edvt

    Hi Chuck,
    I have the same problem and for the same reason, images loaded from outside the site have all disappeared.
    I posted an item about it here a couple of days ago, but just checked and no-one's responded yet.

    Some extra information to add since then tho'.

    I am able to get files, whether images, pdf's, audio, doesn't matter, to appear to go thru the upload process normally, but when attempting to access the files there's a 404 meassage, 'can't be found on the server'.

    I'm thinking it must be a bug that affects the ability of the media uploads to be stored. They appear to be loading, but it's not actually happening. Either that or they are loading and on the server, but are misfiled so that they can't be found? Or, perhaps, some memory or storage setting somewhere is set way too low, and needs to increased? (tho' I've gone thru and increased every memory/storage setting I can find on site, with no result)

    That's my guesswork at this point, but I'm not IT, just my layman's guess after playing with it and thinking, but I've no idea how to fix it.

    Here's hoping for both of us that someone else can offer us a fix :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Ed.

  • edvt

    Yeah, makes me wonder if we'd do better to revert to the v2.9whatever to dodge this problem, as they obviously have not fixed it, despite the claims.

    It's certainly a site-killer, can't really use the place at all with the media functions out of service, so...do we wait for yet another promised fix and hope, for however long that may take, or go back to an earlier version that worked, so we can get our sites running again today? Who can afford to have their sites disabled by this stuff for days or weeks maybe waiting for a fix?


  • Mason



    I posted an item about it here a couple of days ago, but just checked and no-one's responded yet.

    Sorry about that. It would really help us if you could start a new thread any time you come across an error. This keeps each thread specific to one issue. Also, sometimes we miss a post that gets added to an older thread.

    That being said, are you still having a problem with your images not showing up? This is most likely an issue with your .htaccess file. When upgrading from 2.9.2 you should have been given instructions about deleting a line and adding a new one. Here's what the new line in .htaccess should look like:
    RewriteRule ^(.*/)?files/(.*) wp-includes/ms-files.php?file=$2 [L] Kindly check and see if you have this line exactly. And if you're still having trouble feel free to open a new thread! :smiley:


    Your problem may be similar to Ed's. Can you check your .htaccess file as I suggested above? It may be a bit more complex since you're using multi-DB, but I've tagged Barry here. It's the weekend, but he may be able to pop over as well and provide some additional steps. Let us know how it goes! :smiley:

    Thanks guys!

  • edvt

    Hi Mason and Chuck,

    Thanks for all that. I can't follow a thing re the code myself, but I'll pass it along to a friend who does and see what he can make of it. Glad and relieved to hear that it works, Chuck :slight_smile:

    And, yeah, that old post was tacked on the end of something when I jumped into a conversation, you're right, I shoulda made it a stand alone, but all's well that ends well, heheh.

    Now to paste this into an email and scoot it across the pond to my buddy and sleep a bit better tonight :slight_smile:

    Thanks heaps guys, I'll let you know how it turns out!

    Cheers, Ed.

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