Missing social icons for Spirit Theme

The social icons have disappeared from the menu?

I think these disappear a couple of updates ago. Have the classes been changed as the location of the sprite and other associated files appears to have.

They were previously working with the following custom code:

` .youtube:hover:before {background:url(‘http://onpoint.co.uk/assets/icons/mail-ov.svg&#8217:wink:;


.facebook:hover:before {background:url(‘http://onpoint.co.uk/assets/icons/fb-ov.svg&#8217:wink:;


.twitter:hover:before {background:url(‘http://onpoint.co.uk/assets/icons/tw-ov.svg&#8217:wink:;


Support access is open if you need to look at it. The links are still there and working (if you hover and click to the right of the menu bar you will see) but the visuals appear to have disappeared>?