Mix & Match Elements/embed combine?

I am trying to get my (little) brain round how to achieve the following using regions/elements & custom presets

I have not been using upfront for long.

I am so used to just customing any site build with css as I require I am slowly getting my head round presets and adding my own css.

But I am (embarassingly) a little stuck on how to achieve my screen grab - screen1.

I want 2 different coloured boxes side by side.
In box one I would like an image beside some text & in box 2 I would just like some text.

If I add a region - this gives me a full width area - I can then add 2 text areas - which is fine.
So I can then add a custom preset to the 2 text areas to colour/style these as required.

But what I cannot figure out is how or what to add element/widget??-and then have an image beside some text .

Steps tried so far

1. Region added and named
2. 2 text boxes added side by side (I know these are for text - so what do I add to have text & an image?? in one area - so these can sit on top of a colored area)
3. Custom preset added to the 2 text boxes to add a background colour & to style the text.

If I use a text element & an image element side by side - how do I group these or add these to something so I can style the background of them.

Screen2 is what I have managed so far

If I could just figure out how to add something that lets me style this and then have text beside an image - I'll be a happy camper!

Any help for the resident newbie (i.e idiot!) most appreciated,