Mixed messages about whether I have Membership 2 or Membership 2 Pro

When I look at the plug-in help page, it tells me I'm using the Membership 2 Free plug-in, but I want to use the Pro version. When I look at the add-ons page, options for the Pro version are grayed out without a toggle switch. When I log in to the WPMU Dev website, it shows I'm already using the Pro version (as it does here). I'm confused :slight_frown:

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello @JessycaFrederick,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    This is indeed a bit confusing. The is a free (lite) version whilst the Pro version is I'm not sure if you have been using Pro version before but if you did, most likely it has been reverted during update when WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin wasn't active. This unfortunately happened a few times in the past but should no longer be an issue.

    Does the website dashboard shows "Membership 2" or "Membership 2 Pro"? I'm asking just to make sure if there's a bug as there's definitely a free version installed on your site. Since these are actually exactly the same plugins except some features locked - there may be an error on page which I'd then report to developers if necessary.

    As for fixing it, please follow this steps:

    1. Disable Membership 2 plugin through your dashboard (but do not delete it!)
    2. Download recent Membership 2 Pro plugin from this page (make sure to click "Download" and not "Install"):


    3. Access your WP install with FTP
    4. Go to "/wp-content/plugins/" folder
    5. remove the "membership" folder
    6. Extract downloaded plugin archive to your local storage
    7. upload "membership" folder from an extracted archive to the "/wp-content/plugins" folder on your server
    8. go back to your site's dashboard and enable the plugin

    This should replace the free version with the Pro one without loosing any data. However, please take care of taking a full backup of your current WP install (files and database) prior to performing described steps.

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

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