Mixup between WordPress.com-blogg and wordpress.org-homepage. homepage vanished

Hi. I have a homepage made on wordpress.org with a domain hosted on domeneshop.no. The page adress is(was) http://www.thelisteningexperience.com and was made in wordpress.org. I also made a blogg which I wanted to have in a seperate place so I made it on wordpress.com. The adress is http://www.thelisteningexperience.wordpress.com. I am a VERY unexperienced wordpress-user so my big problem here is that I don´t know really what has happend but the problem is this: my homepage (thelisteningexperience.com) has currently vanished and when I write the adress or use any prevous working link they now all direct me to my blog (thelisteningexperience.wordpress.com). Whats more: I can no longer log in at my site on login.wordpress.org and when I click on the “lost your password” I get a message saying that my email don´t exist so baically my homepage seems to have vanished. My wordpress.com-blog funktions perfectly and now resembles my homepage when it comes to the look of the dashboard etc, something which was not the case previous. It seems that my blog has taken over my homepage in some way. But I have no idea how it happend. I think this is related to some changes regarding updates when I upgraded to wordpress Premium in order to loose the commercials on my blog. I can give you access to my blog but I can no longer reach my homepage so I don´t know how to give you access to it.. What´s more: I´ve tried to download your WPMU dev dashboard but all I get is alot of files (css, include, image, js etc..) and nothing marked “download” or similar so I don´t know how to proceed. HELP! is there any way you can understand what has happend and help me??

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    Hello Miriam,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I can understand the frustration and the situation here. It appears that when you upgrade the site to premium on WordPress.com site, it asked you to enter your domain to map with your current blog on https://thelisteningexperience.wordpress.com/.

    This process called domain mapping. That is a good feature though, if you want to use Top Level Domain (TLD) instead of subdomain that WordPress.com provides at first free of cost.

    The above may sounds gibberish to you. If yes, then please contact WordPress.com support directly and ask them to un-map your domain from WordPress.com domain.

    Also, if you bought your site from a different registrar than you have to contact them and ask them to point to your WordPress.org domain by setting the IP or domain name servers record (DNS). If you are not sure what are name servers then you have to contact your host that is domeneshop.no and ask them to give you IP address or domain name servers (DNS) record.

    I will try to lay down points here so you can follow those in order to solve it.

    1. Contact WordPress.com support and ask them to un-map your domain from your blog. You can reach them from here:


    Since you are a paid member, you can do live chat with them.

    2. If they are unable to help, then you have to contact your hosting that is domeneshop.no and ask them to upgrade the DNS record to point this domain to your WordPress.org blog that you have hosted with them.

    Chances are you have bought the domain directly from them and they will be able to sort it out.

    3. In case, you bought domain from somewhere else, then get the IP address and DNS records from your hosting and contact your domain registrar and ask them to update the records accordingly.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,


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