MLM with MarketPress

Hi there,

I am setting up a multisite for a client with MaketPress for multi level marketing.

The goal is to be able to:
1) main page with product listing, product information, faq, references and more..
2) add subsites for each distributor with MP ready for buissiness, all sales fee directly to distributor

When adding new distributors the only new information should be admin info and his paypal and GA settings.

I have now solved this by using 'Site Creation Wizard' plugin using a site template with MP and all posts/content from mainsite. The only difference between main site and the template is that the mainsite is a product listing only..
- all content is duplicated
- some additional plugins as popover and other

When adding new site I have to:
- add the new user to main site
- add the new site using the wizard
- set up his paypal settings
- add his site to the popover in the main site

All this is ok, and works fine - but when I later will add content, add items, change prices or other info I will have to do this on ALL the sites manually :slight_frown:

So, what I need is a "reverse global shop" where all distributors can sell the items from the main site using his paypal account.

Take a look at where this now is live. Any ideas?