Mobile app for multi-site networks?

Want to start by saying that I LOVE your plugins!

Then I’ll also want to point out that I searched the forums about this, but only found threads about making custom themes for mobiles, and not an app for mu-network. If there are topics within this, I apologize, could you link the thread if there is any? :slight_smile:

Is there any way that you could make a mobile app, which can be linked to the MU network, similar to Ultimate Facebook plugin.

I know WordPress app works very well, but ..

It would be great if you could have an app that matched your networks more. You have plugins which you can remove everything related to WordPress in the dashboard. Not that there’s anything wrong with WordPress, WordPress is the best! But I think you know what I mean. Would have been really cool if you could have an app with the same name as the network!

Is this something you already thought little of, or is this not something that would be relevant? Maybe too many requirement. But you never stop to impress me.

Have the best!

Btw, sry for bad english. :slight_smile: