Mobile Compatibility

Since most sites now need to be concerned with compatibility with mobile devices and whatnot Im curious on a few things...

1.) How compatible is javascript...
2.) How compatible is CSS
3.) html5 or xhtml

Basically Im rewriting one of my sites and am deciding if its possible to do 1 site for all devices and browsers or if that just isint feasable...if needed Ill throw in a browser check and customize per browser however id prefer not to have to go to that step.

Also certain things that I like to do im curious about with compatibility...

For instance tooltips, I can do that via CSS or JS I just dont know which would be best these days.... same with pulldown menus. theres a lot of ways to accomplish things so I figure its best to use the way that has the most compatibility.


  • Mark Wallace

    Hi LCDist!

    Responsive “mobile friendly” usually lies in the theme. I believe it has a lot to do with JS, but not totally sure about that. But if you get a responsive theme you should be good to go. Also dropdown menus for the most part are in the theme as well.

    One thing I have seen recently is from my host provider; they keep popping up a banner asking if I want to make my websites mobile friendly. I keep meaning to check what they are suggesting, but I am using themes that show up well on all mobile devices, that I have checked them on.

    You are correct in thinking that mobile device use is on the rise. I am beginning to wonder if the "at home" PC days are numbered. More and more people are doing away with home phones. I am concerned about desktops and laptops going back to business use only. It would drive the price up that’s for sure.

    A very interesting time to be alive that is for sure. :slight_smile:

  • LCDist

    ya, Ive downloaded a few responsive themes to look at their source... problem is Im not seeing any specific standard on what makes them responsive... other then a setting a specific content width and/or using a grid layout which is good webpage design practice anyway.

    The reason I was asking though is I rarely use themes for my main pages, I like to code them myself so I know exactly whats going on and I know that its exactly what I want....Ive used too many themes that are ALMOST what I want and it would annoy me to no end that I couldn't make it exactly what I wanted... so I started making my own lol.

    Ive been doing a lot of searching for whats compatible with what and from what I can see its one giant headache... I really wish all the browsers, and mobile browsers etc would agree on some html standard... it was annoying enough trying to make everything look good on all 5 browsers now theres a dozen more mobile browsers I have to work with... only I dont have those mobile devices to look at my pages on so Im trying to find someway to know if what Im doing looks good or not.

    any tips on compatibility would be appreciated, or resources I may of missed showing the best ways to go about things.

  • Mark Wallace

    If you look at the bottom of the WP twenty-eleven theme there is a section about responsive. You can look there to get an idea.

    I have been working on a three colum twenty-eleven child theme, my side bars disapeared on mobile devices so i shrunk the content box. For the sake of my laptop not having wings i have taken a break from this for now.

    To test how it looks on all mbile devices i iether ask friends to check it out, and somtimes i make new friends by asking strangers if i notice they have a device i havent checked it on yet.

    And yes it is a harmless way to approch a lady too! Just tell them thank you and go about your business, if you notice them checking you out, just say "you know it was really nice of you to help me; can i buy you dinner?" :slight_smile:

  • Kimberly

    You can also consider the use of plugins that create mobile friendly versions of your website upon being visited by a mobile device. A quick google search will give you a bunch of results. this one being the most popular:

    I've purchased theme before that have had this built in and use a premade theme for this that matches the actual wp theme.

  • LCDist

    hehe LESS and SASS are a preprocessor languages allowing you to use variables in your CSS

    for instance you could have:

    @maincolor: red;

    div { color: @maincolor }

    you also can do some computations and has some custom things to decrease the amount of thinking you have to do... for instance:

    @base: #color;
    @complement1: spin(@base, 180);

    That would give you the color 180% around the color wheel

    It does a lot more then that but Id have to write a novel to explain it all.... that also was using LESS... I dont knwo nearly enough to try to talk intelligently about SASS but I have been told that SASS is better then less when you learn it, I just havent learned it to tell you one way or another lol.

    Having done some research it does look like its possible to use php in your css as well... you actually name it with a .php Im not sure of the specifics yet as Im still doing the research so I dont know if this is a more elegant solution for wordpress or not... Im thinking that while it wont offer all the functionality of LESS it may allow more options on the admin level in wordpress.. will make it horrible to edit on the code level though.

    anyway thats where Im at now, and hopefully I explained what preprocessor CSS is hehe.

  • LCDist

    no problem... just if you use it I would recommend you use it to create your style sheet... use this to compile your .css sheet so the viewer dosent have to or the server dosent have to each time someone loads your website.

    I use LESS as a tool to help create websites quicker, similar to a wordpress template.

    Thats partly the reason Im trying to figure out how to so something similar in wordpress lol.... preferably without an addon, I like to know how things work so I can fix them when they break.

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