Mod needed for MarketPress special pricing


One of my clients sells yoga retreats as part of their business. These are typically $1000 - $1500, and what we've found is that people don't like to pay that much in one go, so they either need a payment plan or an 'early bird' discount for full payment.

I came up with a way of doing about 90% of this by using product variations, and a tweak to template-functions.php

What I do is to create two variations of the SKU, and then switch sales pricing on. The first variant takes a deposit (e.g. $250 on a $1000 retreat), with the text saying when the balance is due (my client know that she has to invoice the balance manually on the due date). The second variant offers a 5% discount for paying within full up to a month before the event, so in this example the sales price would be set to $950.

Out of the box, MarketPress handles sales pricing by showing the full price with a line through it, and then processes the array to find the lowest price and shows text starting from that price. Because the way I'm using it means that the lowest price would be the deposit (so it would show $1000 crossed out, and then 'from $250'), that wouldn't work.

I've temporarily hacked the code to just show the highest price, but that means that unless you click the pricing option dropdown, you don't see the discount option.

What I'd really like to do is just a minor tweak to the original code, so instead of finding the lowest price, it would actually find the highest. So, in the example, it would have $1000 with a line through it, and then 'From $950'.

I played around with the code, and know that it is pretty srtaightforward, but I just couldn't make it work.

Can anyone help?

Here's the URL showing all of the retreat events:

Ideally, this type of sophisticated pricing model would be a great addition to the standard functionality.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Ford