moderating bbForum and sploggers


Background: My BuddyPress site is not yet live and the spam has become a headache with 50 or more/day. I put in the .htaccess updates suggested by another forum. I have yet to put paytoblog live to stop blog creation. I have the anti-spoggers plugin installed. Since the site is not yet ready to golive, I just delete all the new registrants. I would like to bring this under control now, b4 I golive.

1. I assume that paying to blog will eliminate many of the sploggers and the Content Monitor will help detect content prohibited in my TOS.

2. How do I figure out which registrants (not paying to blog) are legitimate new users for my BuddyPress Site? Everyone has free access to register. This seems like a recipie for disaster.
I don't think I want to approve all registrations or even get an email when they do register. Is there a solution to this? So maybe it is not so bad to have alot of free registrants.

3. So maybe it is not so bad to have alot of free registrants, they may just hang out a do nothing. What bad things can they do? I think anyone who registers can join a public Group and post to a forum. There is no way to monitor/report the bad bbForum content for my main forum let alone all the ones that paying registrants might set up, how do I moderate the content in bbForums?

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