Moderation - instalation


I have a few question about instalation and first setup of this plugin. I have a one wpmu instlation with 17 subdomains, only new user can register - so no new blogs. I want to moderate the posts from all 17 subdomains. Each user have acces for each domain with subsriptor rights.

1 - is there any manual or setup for moderate?
2 - should I activate each subdomain separately (XML-RPC?)
3 - Error: Post archive - I write a user - list of posts - than i click to the (action) show - and then I have error - blank page with "Cannot read post-archive."
4 - I tryed to write 4 post with two test users and just one post i can moderate.... why i cannot moderate all 4 posts?

It looks like have done wrong setup or similar

Thanks for help,