Modification of settings…. CREATE NEW MEMBERSHIP LEVELS

Hi there,

wouldn’t it be nice to be able to allow modification of selected level after it is setup too?

Unfortunately it happened several time that I missed out to choose the desired level… e.g. needed to select the DRIPPED one but forgot to tick it while creating. Default pre selection is STRANDARD.

Modification is currently not available… only DELETE the setup membership level and create a new one, from my point of view not really practical.

Would you mind to pass this request to the developer team of this protected content plugin?

If not possible, please let me know where to file such suggestion.

Thank you.


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey @prinz,

    Hope you’re doing well today :slight_smile:

    Thanks for your suggestion, I’m sure that some other users would also find this helpful.

    I’m not sure if with current plugin structure this can be easily implemented.

    Let me move this thread to Features & Feedback section where users can vote on this, and also flag a developer to give us his opinion about this.

    Best regards,


  • Philipp Stracker
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Prinz,

    we’ve had a look at the suggestion but currently we will not allow changing of the membership type after it was set up. The reason is simple that a membership will most likely lose information. It will most likely lead to more confusion and problems than it would help (people would switch around, making changes here and there and when protection is not working nobody knows what happened)

    We’ve decided that the base types of a membership are static and we don’t want users to change them easily.

    If you want to change them you can do one of those things:

    A) Export the data via the Protect Content > Settings > Import Tool page. Edit the export with a texteditor and look for “type”:”simple” / “type”:”dripped” (replace simple with dripped or vice versa). Then use the Import Tool to import the edited file, activating the “Replace current data…” checkbox. After this you have to set up all protection rules again

    B) Use phpMyAdmin or a similar tool edit the wp_postmeta table. Filter for post_id = <membership-ID> and meta_key = “type”. After changing the value of the “type” meta-entry go and check the Protection rules of the membership.


    Allowed types are “simple”, “dripped”, “guest”, “user”.

    Types “simple” and “dripped” can be used as often as you like.

    The DB should only have 1 membership of type “guest” and 1 of type “guest”.

    Never change the value of the membership-type “base”, this will most likely break all protection rules!

    I’d also suggest creating a DB Backup before doing this on a live site.

    Thanks for the suggestion though, I like it that we’re getting feature requests from you and other members :slight_smile: Philipp

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