modification to protected content plugin

I was in live chat with @aristath and we agree the plugin should be modified so that the output of what is displayed when a user is logged in would be available. Our suggestion: in file protected-content/app/view/shortcode/class-ms-view-shortcode-membership-login.php please add a filter on line 403 of that file so that anyone can then change it from a custom function. Something like this:

change line 403 of that plugin file from this:
return $html;
to this:
return apply_filters( 'pc_my_custom_filter', $html );
Then, I can add this in my theme's functions.php file:

function custom_change_text( $html ) {
return 'YOUR HTML HERE';
add_filter( 'pc_my_custom_filter', 'custom_change_text' );