Modified Talent/Job Site Needs. Not even sure what to search for.

I am trying to build a website that is much like a job site, but has some serious differences. It is for a brand representatives business (i.e. live models that represent products at events such as trade shows etc).

Their are a few types of users.

A. STAFF: Those who can respond to client inquiries and accept or reject models.

B. MODELS: models register on the site, filling in their details, and the staff on the back end can accept or reject them into the system.

C. CLIENTS: these are the businesses searching for the models to work for them. They can only search the database of models when logged in but the STAFF level needs a specific type of interaction with the client level. CLIENTS cannot show up under member listings and STAFF need to be able to make customer quotes, the quotes would contain a list of models from the database that the staff suggest. The client's back end is like a list of their quotes and then also a list of their events so they can keep track of their hires for what events in their back end.

I've seen a sample of what I need to do, but I believe that was built in joomla with a lot of custom development. I'm hoping to find tools in wp that will help me to simulate these features in some way or another. Even if for the moment it's not perfect for the needs, but close, so that when the site begins making money then we can hire custom development.

So, question comes down to ... what on earth do i even search for to find the plugins to do these things? Ideas?

  • Carlen

    Hi Tracy,

    This is how I would do something like this.
    I would set up a buddypress account and use Membership Pro 2 and Appointments +, maybe gravity forms.

    The First Screening level would be for access to the site to create a custom profile (which could be managed though buddypress). This would be a request to join and gain an access code though membership pro 2. For that I might use a custom from with gravity forms. Upon approval they are given a code to join and have access to create their buddypress profile. There they can upload information and pictures of themselves.

    I would then integrate appointments +, with the buddypress addon, so that they can set their hours of availability for jobs.

    I would then create another membership with membership pro 2 for clients. This will not give them access to create a buddypress account, but give them permission to look though the accounts and sign one up for a job. You could approve clients, and even directly charge them.

    This would create the 3 levels of interaction you are talking about and set up a nice way for people to look though possible models while managing the schedules of all of the models.

    Please let me know if any of this was unclear.

    ~ Carlen

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Carlen,

    Just to make sure we've got things clear for @Tracy Renee here:

    I would then integrate appointments +, with the buddypress addon, so that they can set their hours of availability for jobs.

    When you say "with the buddypress addon", you're referring to the BuddyPress add-on inside of our Membership 2 Pro plugin, correct?

    Also, I should note, that if the plan is to use Appointments+ for each model, then each model would have to be set up as a service provider inside of Appointments+ by the site admin.

    Does this still sound good Tracy?

    Kind Regards,

  • Tracy Renee

    this is all so fabulous thank you.

    i don't think the appointments + is necessary as we manage all the availabilities. that wasn't something i needed and i don't want the clients having the ability to interact directly with the models in any shape or form. i'll need to make sure that the only name that shows up is perhaps first name, last initial.

    whats important that im not sure i see in the above is i need the ability to enable staff to find models for the client, then put that list of models together in a quote that shows up on the client's dashboard, that the client can look at and choose from. in other words, staff searches for the client and preps the list.

    i went through all this not long ago when we were the client at an agency like this. here's what happened ...

    STEP ONE, we got on the phone with the agency and discussed our needs, what we wanted in the models, when and where our event was, how many we wanted, etc.

    STEP TWO, later, after they searched their own system, we got an email message with our login that they made for us, that was sitting there waiting for us with a list of their suggestions for our event. It included instructions on what to do when logged in to accept the agreement.

    STEP THREE, we logged into the site, looked over the quote/contract, looked at the profiles of all the models suggested, clicked which we wanted and submitted our order.

    Here's a few screen prints of the process ...

    STEP ONE = email message with login:

    STEP TWO = dashboard:

    STEP THREE = Viewing the list of models:

    I had already planned the buddy press options, the appointments + part i'll give some hard thought, and the blocking bp from clients with m2 was brilliant thanks! It's that whole quote, providing list for client part that is kinda dumbfounding me for a way to jury rig something to be similar.

    Does any of this change anyone's thoughts?

    thanks so much for all your input, you guys are amazing!

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Tracy Renee! :slight_smile:

    It's that whole quote, providing list for client part that is kinda dumbfounding me for a way to jury rig something to be similar.

    In regards to requesting a quote, I would think that possible with a contact form from Gravity Forms. Speaking of that plugin though, it made me think about your list problem here... which led me to think of this:

    This add-on may also prove to be of use in this regard as well:

    How's that sounding to you now? :slight_smile:

    Please advise,

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