Modifs for Network theme

Hi, i need to customize the Network homepage and i need to know:

1) How can i display the author post name instead the postname?
2) How can i change the size of the thumb post. For the moment the size is 227px wide and 108 px in height but i need for the thumb the size 146px wide and 203px height. I change the css but the thumb generated by the theme is automaticly 227px wide and 108 px in height how and where can i change it.
3) I use for each blog a Themify theme. It doesn't use the media library for image upload and nore the featured image post from wordpress. Where can i change the path in the Network theme to redirect it to the featured image from the Themify theme?

BTW i wish to make does change in a way to not modify the core of the Network Theme. I made a child theme and if possible i wish to made does change in the child not the parent is it possible?


  • Tammie

    To change that size is a tricky job for several reasons we'd only recommend hiring someone or doing it yourself if you are experienced with code. We can't support it in the theme currently though. It uses as featured image size and in numerous files it's hard coded to that size then it churns it through a script called timthumb and out pops the image so to speak. All of this requires set boundaries hence it's not so easy to change things and support a variety of sizes.

    Is it possible we may in the future change it - maybe but it's not on the cards at all. We'd even have to analyse if this was the right thing to do as we'd have to allow for any range of sizes.

    A custom developer may be able to sort it though as it's not a tall order to fix to a new size if you know code.

    As for those themes have you tried it with those - if so it could be they do something really different with images and we can't support that I'm afraid. They should be using the media library even if use featured images so bit confused by that. Unless they do still?

    I'm not sure without core adjusting you can even change those themes - not totally sure it's just themes though. Have you got any other plugins you can try with them turned off just to see? Even see a non theme of the type that is causing issues? I'd like to see if it's plugins, theme or your set up before ruling things out.

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