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I am using the BuddyPress Corporate theme. Few things I want to modify:
1. How can I hide the Header Site title & Tagline on my web page without losing the real title & tagline that appear on the top of the browser?
2. How can I remove the navigation bar from the web page?
3. How can I remove the search bar which below the navigation bar?
4. How can I get a admin bar similar to the wpmudev admin bar you currently using on your site, without any wp-adim area access.


  • Patrick

    Hi @jolianjc

    Welcome to the forums!

    1. You can replace the header text by uploading a header image to your media library. Then enter the full URL to that image in "Theme Options" > "Header Settings" where you see "Insert your logo full url here".

    2. You can adjust the navigation under "Appearance" > "Menus". You will see a metabox at the top-left called "Theme Locations". There, you can set which of your custom menus to use for the top navigation (text links in the header) and main nav area.

    3. There is no built-in setting to remove the search box. But you can hide it by adding a bit of custom CSS as follows:

    #searchbox #search-form { display:none; }

    You can add the CSS to the theme style-sheet (preferably a child-theme or you will lose your customizations when you update the theme), or install the Jetpack plugin and enable the Custom CSS module:

    4. The adminbar on this site is a custom job. You will find many plugins in the WordPress plugin repository that can help you achieve something similar though. Try these search results for starters:

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • jolianjc

    Hi Patrick,

    1. I want to hide Header area instead of using the img to replace the text. Which part of php code should I edit in order to hide it?
    2. similar to the number 1 question. I actually want to remove the whole menu bar. Any php or css code that I can use to hide/remove the bar?
    3. I want to hide/remove the whole bar, not only the search bar.
    Basically, I want to remove/ hide these 3 areas/ bars. Possible to do that by using some coding? pls advise the codes too.
    Many thanks

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