modify marketpress remove shipping option

Hey everyone- I was able to successfully alter the siteurl/wp-content/plugins /marketpress/marketpress-includes /template-functions.php

if like me you sell services/digital products and have no need for shipping.

Note- though there may be an option to call this from the child theme(can't get , make sure you have a backup of this file before your changes, and have a copy after you are successful as this would get written over in an upgrade.

There are several threads out there with various responses, here is what I did:
[the result will be for your user to enter their email information where the shipping information once was]

around line 556

 $content .= '<th colspan="2">' . ((($mp->download_only_cart($mp->get_cart_contents()) && !$mp->global_cart) ||  $mp->get_setting('shipping->method') != 'none') ? __('Enter Your Email Information:', 'mp') : __('<strong>Enter Your Email  address</strong>:', 'mp')) . '</th>';

around line 2222

function mp_cart_breadcrumbs($current_step) {
    $steps = array(
        'checkout-edit' => __('Review Cart', 'mp'),
        <strong>'shipping' => __('Email', 'mp'),</strong>
        'checkout' => __('Checkout', 'mp'),
        'confirm-checkout' => __('Confirm', 'mp'),
        'confirmation' => __('Order Complete', 'mp')

I left the 'shipping' key in the array and simply let it point to the value 'Email'

Hope this helps.