Modify Marketpress store URL slug


I just installed the Marketpress plugin for a shop selling kitchen stuff. (Don't know why Marketpress plugin not listed in the dropdown options for plugins here in the new topic area).

I am curious about the current slugs structure it has created.

Here is what I would like to have for a product listing page for all "Bowls".
Not like this:

Here's what I would like to have for a single product page:

Now, I know I can just create a page and call it "Bowls" and use this shortcode [mp_list_products category=bowls]. This is what I have done. However, there's no getting around single product pages and category pages.

This is merely a request and would be great if this was feasible. :slight_smile:

I am using Marketpress version 1.1.3
I am using WordPress version 3.0.4, not multiuser, not BuddyPress.

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