Modifying a theme, request for advice

My client bought the Simon theme and asked me to build his Portfolio Site;

On the navigation panel on the left, if you click "projects" you will see the sub-menu has too many items and bleeds off the page without the ability to scroll down and see all of the menu items.

What is the best advice to fix this?
The theme is limited in it's options, documentation, and the author has not responded in over 6 days.

My plan is to just add a page, and put the whole sub-menu in that. Not an elegant solution, but the client understands this is a budget job and I have to work within limits. But if I was clever & quick, I reckon I could engineer something better, any advice?

When you mouse around the tiles on the main page, if you click on a tile you go to a semi-potfolio, but if you click on the EYE SYMBOL inside the tile, you go to the full-portfolio. How do you make the tile link to the full-portfolio?

No provision in social links for SLIDESHARE and no provision to add "other" so do I have to scrap the themes social links altogether and use a plug-in to get a consistent set of social links that includes Slideshare or can I add some code?

Contact page, far right, telephone, email, etc. Client would prefer the same social links symbols as bottom-left of website, but theme only provides options for the text. How to modify this?

Thanks in advance. How many points would you like to solve these teasers? What other info should I provide.