Modifying sunrise.php for WPML compatibility

Hello !

The new DM & Multidomain plugin come with a new concept of Sunrise.php.

So the one in /wp-content/ just call the one in the DM plugin folder /inc/



We absolutlely need to include int sunrise the modifications to work correctly with WPML in the REAL sunrise.php.


BUT. (yes, there is one :p )

– Modifying directly the sunrise.php file in the plugin directory is not really a good idea since modifications will go on updates.

– It is not possible to modify the sunrise.php in the /wp-content/directory, since the plugin automatically rewrite it to call the “real” sunrise.php

– it is not possible, consequently, to put the “original” sunrise.php directly in /wp-content/

So :

Would it be possible to :

– Or having the possibility to modify this file so we can put the real sunrise.php out of the plugin folder

– or, even better, directly integrate the /inc/tools/sunrise.php functions included with wpml so we can directly work with it (ie map a domain on a language in ONE particular site in a multisite install).

Cheers ! :slight_smile: