Modifying the Dashboard when there's no enrollments / checkout workflow

We are trying to make an intuitive and easy-flowing sign up process for our (sometimes tech illiterate) subscribers. As it stands, once they create an account via CoursePress Pro, it forwards them to the Dashboard. That's counter-intuitive, because they haven't enrolled into any courses.

Can we modify the system to forward to the course catalog at /courses during sign up instead?

Also, the Dashboard lists random courses at the bottom of the page when a user isn't enrolled in any. This too is counter-intuitive and misleading because our courses are laid out in a specific order and there's no way to view more courses outside of the random three available. Can we remove or modify this section? I would rather it say something like, "You don't have any courses (yet), but let's get started!" along with a link to /courses.

How can we achieve this?