Modifying the login and registration forms


There are a few simple customizations I want to make in my login form. Support acces is active and my FTP credentials were sent a couple of days ago with Ashok's name in the subject line.
1-Redirect users to the home page after they log out; I remember having a piece of code inserted somewhere that's redirecting people to the page they're currently being redirected to after logging out, but I can't find it.

2-Redirect users to the home page after they log in too.

3-At /login, in the "Forgot?" tab, have a way for users to reset their usernames -there's only a password recovery mechanism there right now. Also, remove the social login icons from that tab -which probably can be done by hiding it through CSS.

4-I know this last one is tricky, but, if possible, I'd like to know a way to achieve it: have the register form seen at /register-store being displayed inside that register box in the login form at /login.

Thanks. :slight_smile: