MonsterInsight Plugin problem – TLS 1.2 Not Enabled

Hi! So not sure if this goes under multisite or hosting. I have installed Monsterinsight and their Analytics tool. It connects my sites to Google Analytics and it seems to work fine on one of the sites ( You are supposed to be able to enter purchased key on the multisite network level and then work your way down to the sites (adding and connecting GA/monsterinsight addons). It is not working.

So I reached out to their support and they have been looking at it all. They seem to think something with your hosting is outdated. Could you check and fix if possible or come up with another solution?

This is their answer.

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Jay replied
Oct 18, 5:33pm
Hi Marcus,

Thanks for that info.

Who is your web host?

I’ve run some tests and determined the cause of the issue:

There are currently some issues with your hosting:

TLS 1.2 Not Enabled
Now, MI isn’t working yet, because we’ve disallowed some hosts from using 10-year-old and insecure technology.

You’ll want to contact your host and request that they update:

TLS to 1.2

This is so that your site can still be secure.

Now, if your web host has installed a firewall the following URLs will need to be whitelisted:

If not firewall is active, can you please request a copy the error logs from your web host and we’ll be happy to take another look?

Let us know if we can provide further assistance.

– Jay

Jay Gidwitz
Technical Support Specialist

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