Monthly schedule for a specific worker shows other's time slots


Stumbled upon another issue with Appointments+. I have this shortcodes on a page:

[app_services worker="9"]
[app_monthly_schedule worker="9" require_service="1"]
[app_pagination month="1"]

(Actually, I generate them through a widget, but I tried on a normal page for testing purposes and the symptoms are the same. Everything else works fine).
If worker 9 has multiple services, client must select one in the dropdown menu. But here's the problem: the calendar now display availability for ALL workers assigned to this service including worker 9.
Is this the normal behavior for the shortcode? Is it possible to change it and force the display of chosen worker with service picked? Going through the shortcode code, I didn't find a reason why it would do that but any info or quick fix is appreciated.

Thank you!