Moodle Plugin

I have been looking for a Moodle + WPMU plugin that would make use of Moodle's Network Roaming feature much like the software Mahara does with Moodle.

Basically it uses xmlrpc to allow single signon and roaming from one website to another with integrating users. I am sure this is similar to the WPMU + BBPress type of plugin.

We were using Moodle + Mahara to achive a ePortfolio/social networking type of site from users within Moodle who would roam over to Mahara. Mahara really lacked a strong blogging platform for the students to use. Plus, the teachers that I have shown BP to all seem to agree it is laid out more like facebook and other tools that are easier for the students to pick up on and use right away.

Basically, we have moodle which is like a structured classroom and WPMU+BP which is like recess for the students. We'd like them to both work together if at all possible.

I'm gonna bet this is a major undertaking though.

  • kennibc

    OK Andrew. I am not that vocal about this issue. I am actually just working on a login form for moodle that would allow them to move on over to WPMU when they need to work on their blogs etc.

    That will seem to suffice for out needs. Just thought I'd throw out the request though. I honestly don't know of many school districts using WPMU and Moodle so it may be a lot of work for little use.

    If anyone is interested in trying to make a plugin like this for WPMU let me know. I'd love to work with someone who may know more about how to do this.