More a comment then a question... Concerning Simple Site Map "USAGE" tutorial

Hi guys I just wanted to make a suggestion in clarifying the tutorial for Simple Site Map
The tutorial says...

"You can check that your sitemaps have been created by going to: blog.domain.tld/sitemap.xml"

But that is presumptuous that you have installed you MU install as a sub-domain install. I tried that a few times and it wasn't working until I realized, since I'm using sub-directories and not sub-domains, that my path would be... domain.tld/blog/sitemap.xml instead of blog.domain.tld/sitemap.xml and I also realized that is you're using sub-directories it works just as fine to just use domain.tld/sitemap.xml <<< Without the /blog/ and you can verify that way.

Anyway not really an issue I have I have the sitemap working perfectly after slowing down and looking @ what I was doing and seeing that it could not possibly be that way. BUT my point of writing this is that I presume that some people are just giving up, because they are following the instructions literally and if they have there MU install as a sub-directory install the directions will be misleading. Anyway that's it, just wanted to drop this note... Hope it helps!

Thanks for all the great work, you do guys, best...