MORE broken links!!!

My site is now getting even more broken links 1,300+ according to google via WMT. !!! Odd thing is when I click on the google link being reported the link take me to a different post on my site at -but the page title I see is a 404 error.

I’m too new at this to figure this out and I fera I am making matters worse by fiddling with tag deletion and change permalink styles -i did that once and BP stopped working! Yikes. When I run a check on it gives me a shorter list -but the list keeps changing when I delete some tags. arrrrgggg. Then I go to an dhte list is only 20.

WHy does google report stuff like 24-48 hours old?? Can I force )ha) google to crawl my site when i ask it? I make changes and I want to see results – NOW – not in 2 days.

Rant over.

Help……. please