More Google API features possible?

We have been using (YCBM) integrated with our Google Apps from some time now. It works great but I would prefer to use Appointments + so everything can be fully integrated here.

I know there are a lot of features that you don’t have that are in YCBM but the one feature we really do need is the ability to create what they call “On Duty” events.

Our schedules are allocated to different times based on our work load. None of us have a set availability schedule for specific services. The service provider and work schedule feature just won’t work for us in many cases because we would be changing it constantly.

We have one YCBM link that allows people to book appointments that take classes from us. The people in our classes can book a review appointment but the times, lengths and days vary based upon the type of class we are conducting at the moment.

The YCBM on duty feature lets us control it directly from our GCals. I use YCBM to allow people to book a call with me. So, for example, any time I want to be open for someone to make appointments with me I just add an event to my calendar with specific settings on GCal event and it shows up as an opening on YCBM.

I have told it to look for any appointment with a title of BookMe where I am listed as Available in that time slot. It will then allow an appointment to be booked at that time. Those are the only slots that show open on my YCBM page.

Once someone books an appointment it adds a new appointment in that slot with the specifics of the appointment. That cancels out the available event I created because I now have a busy appointment at the same time.

Any way something like that can be added to Appointments + features?