More materials on how to use the plugins/themes

I would love to see manuals or more info on the instruction and help pages about the specifics of each item. For example, you have to search the forum to learn what size graphics are needed in some themes. Some instructions don't appear to work, and forum support contradicts some instructions. Some questions get asked all the time which annoys some people, but it seems like if that is the case, then having the information on the theme or plugin page would be helpful.

The other option is to have more support staff. No one is available when I need help which means I need to use the forums which can take days sometimes to get help.

I just find it frustrating to have difficulty with something and I can't get it solved very easily sometimes.

  • James Farmer

    Heya ltruex,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Documentation is definitely something we;re working hard on to improve.

    But as you can imagine, it's a bit of a gargantuan task!

    So, what'd be great would be if you come across an info gap in the docs, just let us know where it is and we'll go and fill it - we regularly review all of our documentation but obviously some stuff slips by.

    In terms of support staff, we've recently tripled the number of dedicated support staff - and really want to increase that too - but of course it's a matter of affordability... the more memebrs we have the more support we can provide, as you can imagine at $49 /month or less than $35 for the annual, that's really not even covering 2 hours of support... let alone everything else!

    So, go promote us, and we'll repay you :slight_smile:

    Cheers, James

  • ltruex

    Hi James,
    I can understand the difficulty, but watching videos about your themes they say themes come with a manual and videos, so I'm surprised when I can't find theme/plugin specific manuals or videos. Right now I'm trying to work with Showcase theme, but I can't find information about how to use it... how does the portfolio work, can I put pages in the bucket content instead of posts, can I tell what categories the content buckets should pull from if I can't use pages...etc. Right now the information on the installation and use page is a generic one for all themes. Of course, the installation isn't my issue so that's not a problem, but it would help to have a tutorial on the specific theme. I'm sure all my questions can be answered on the forum, but if there was a manual or video, it would save me and your staff's time.

    Thanks for listening... I do enjoy your services..

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