More options in the products

Hello again,

I know that, right now, Marketpress just offers simple product variations, but many products have more than one customizable options. For example, to buy a T-shirt you need to choose size, color, etc.

I'm thinking about different approaches to get it done (product variations for every combination is not an option):

1.- To have a custom text field in the product where the user can write the info needed. That is, a text field that is "attached" to the order where the user says: "I want it it blue, XL size"

2.- To create a form in the product page (with drop-down boxes, radio buttons, etc.) and, when a user clicks the buy-now button, take all this info and attach it to the product order.

Is there a way to attach info to the product order? Which is the easiest approach?

Thanks in advance.