More Payment Gateway support - Membership 2


Do you have a repository of plugins for payment gateway support for Membership 2? The current selection of supported gateways is woefully inadequate:

- does not support non-US/Canada accounts;
- Paypal has a different set of products in India v/s the US; and
- 2Checkout is unpredictably flaky on supporting types of websites;

Since this is a recurring issue faced independently by many users, the current solution of "pay a developer to fork files from a supported payment method" is very inefficient and leads to reinventing the wheel over and over. For a plugin like Membership 2 at a popular site like WPMUDEV I would expect you to already have integration code for around 25+ gateways, if not officially then as a user-submitted repository.

Can you please add this to your to-do plan?

  • Sajid

    Hi @Pranab

    Hope you are doing good today and welcome to WPMUDEV community :slight_smile:

    We have included common payment gateways with Membership 2 Pro. It is not easy for us to include each payment gateway in Membership 2 Pro.

    We hear our members valuable feedback and suggestions and try our best to include them in our plugins.

    Yes! I moving it to features and feedback forum for +1's from other community members. It will be better if you and other members post the name of gateway that you guys want to be included so we can include most popular ones first.

    Take care and have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • Pranab

    I agree it might not be a priority to have official support for many gateways, however I am sure that at least twenty users would have already individually paid developers to build the integration code for popular gateways like AlertPay, Skrill, Stripe, BlueSnap, CCAvenue etc.

    Imagine how much better it would be to combine all that effort into improving the same code rather than everyone re-building it from scratch. I suggest you could create a public repository where users can download code for non-standard gateways and even share their own code for others to use.

    I would point you to your own article at
    for a good list of gateways you should support.

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