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I want to send new feature request for this plugin. First thanks @Paul for great work.

1) Add friends from toolbar: When I visit my friends site, I can add them easily.
2) Change icon: This icon is too old, maybe special icon could be humanitarian :slight_smile:

( Actually, another plugin for notification would be handy, when users send message, or friend request... you can track all activity. )


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Mustafa,

    Well, first off, you caught us :slight_smile: We're working on some cool stuff for posting to the plugins area right at the moment and it looks like you got caught in the middle.

    I'm marked this for the Friends plugin and also moved it to our Features & Feedback forum. I'll be sure Paul get's a note to come by and take a look as well.

    Both sound like helpful additions. Thanks!

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    Mustafa, As always thanks for continuing to help us make our products better. Keep the suggestions coming. Always much appreciated.

    So on to your list.

    #1 so how do you see this working? When you say "visit a friend's site..." is this the backend or front? What is the site has more than one user? Maybe we can add a section 'Friends' on the toolbar so show a list of all users for a given site. Also showing the user you are also connected to.

    #2. I've requested some help from the design team on coming up with a new icon. I'm assuming you are referring to the admin nav/page icon.

    For the messaging. The Friends plugin does integrate with the WPMU Messaging plugin for sending messages

  • Mustafa
    • Syntax Hero

    What is the site has more than one user?

    I forget ya :slight_smile: but when someone read a post,could use this feature.
    I'm adding screenshots for better explain.

    First screenshot for reading posts, second for static and home pages.


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