more than 2 feeds

Is it possible to have more than 2 dashboard feeds?

could i add more than 2? by adding more code like so:

$widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['link']         = '';
$widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['url'] = '';
$widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['title'] = 'Latest 3rdsite Pages';
$widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['items'] = 3;
$widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_summary'] = true;
$widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_author'] = true;
$widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_date'] = true;


//delete cache for update the widget when we change values of options
if ( $current_widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['link'] != $widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['link'] ||
$current_widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['url'] != $widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['url'] ||
$current_widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['items'] != $widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['items'] ||
$current_widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_summary'] != $widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_summary'] ||
$current_widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_author'] != $widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_author'] ||
$current_widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_date'] != $widget_options['dashboard_tertiary']['show_date'] )
$cache_key = 'dash_' . md5( 'dashboard_tertiary' );
delete_transient( $cache_key );

reason I am asking is i have 3 sites which i need to network together

site 1 needs to show feeds from all 3 sites within dashboard

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @tfbc, so looking at this more. As I suspected WordPress only supports the primary and secondary feed out of the box. so that is why the original developer of the plugin stopped at those items. But really the Dashboard is dynamic. I can hold any number of boxes. Just have to write the code to support it. So I’m going to work on this for you. The setup will be basically the same as what you added in the PHP with the ‘dashboard_tertiary’ options. The plugin should be able to dynamically setup any new boxes based on how large the array is. I’ll get back to you in a day or so.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @tfbc, as Promised I’ve reworked the code for our Dashboard feeds plugin. I’ve done away with the need to manually edit the PHP code file. Too many users just create their own problems. So instead I’ve added a nice admin interface to the Network > Settings menu.

    The Settings panel will list the default Primary and Secondary feed widgets at the top. Below that you should see a blank form where you can enter a third. When you save the form you will see these three plus a new blank form. So basically you can have as many feeds as you want!

    Also on the primary and secondary feed forms there is a checkbox. If checked it will remove the ‘Configure’ link on the widget hover. This will prevent regular users from attempting to change the feed. The ‘extra’ feed widgets have this turned off by default.

    Give is a test and let me know if this works. I was also thinking since we have this unlimited widget functionality maybe add some logic to set certain widgets for Network Dashboard only vs site Dashboard. But decided to stop and let you preview first.

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