Most ugly Layout ever... wouldn't you agree?

Valued Support-Team,

Q&A Settings don't work... please see results in attached screenshot below.

We have ONE LAYOUT ONLY in place across the entire network (for post/pages/forum... etc. and despite the feature on a site) which is

Page With Sidebar see example.

Please help to achieve also our standard layout for Q&A.

Thank you in advance.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Prinz,

    I hope you're well today!

    Thank you for the screenshots and explanation.

    It seems that the support access to your site isn't active at the moment. The direct (FTP etc) access credentials that I've used previously doesn't work any more either.

    As I'd need to take a closer look, could you please tell me to which one of my colleagues you've sent the most recent access information (including wp-admin login and FTP access) or just send in:

    Subject: "Attn: Adam Czajczyk"

    - your site's WordPress admin login URL
    - admin login and password (may be a temporary account)
    - FTP credentials (hostname, username, password, port number if needed)
    - any other relevant URLs and information
    - link back to this thread

    Please use our contact form here
    Select "I have a different question" from the drop-down list.

    Please be sure to make a full backup of your entire site first!

    Kind regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Prinz,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for sending access credentials!

    I'm sorry for the delay, I've had some small health issues. I'm back on track though :slight_smile:

    Could you please take a look at your Q&A pages and let me know if it's all right now?

    Here's what I did:

    1. Out of the box Q&A plugin integrates with these themes: bp-default, edu-clean, product, twentyeleven, twentyfourteen, twentyten, twentythirteen, twentytwelve. For all other themes it should easily pick up theme's settings however sometimes the "glitch" occurs and as we both agreed some time ago the Trades theme is a bit whimsical :slight_smile:

    There are though default templates for "Q&A" pages bundled with the plugin, ready to be customized. I've copied them to your child theme's folder and relocated sidebar call within HTML structure.

    2. I've then identified what elements should be styled and added CSS styles to "Q&A" Custom CSS filed. Take a look at your dashboard's

    "Questions" -> "Settings" page (scroll down) and you'll see these rules.

    3. The steps above brought back the 2 column layout with right sidebar. By default Q&A plugin calls the "sidebar-question.php" sidebar template and since there was none it was calling the default sidebar.

    I've then created the "sidebar-question.php" file in your child theme

    4. Just a little step "extra" - I've added code inside your child theme's functions.php file to create a new sidebar in your dashboard so you could easily configure what widgets should be displayed on "Q&A" pages. To do this please go to your dashboard's

    "Appearance" -> "Widgets" page

    and drag&drop widget's of your choice onto the "Questions" sidebar.

    I hope that helps!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Prinz,

    I'm glad we're getting closer :slight_smile:

    2) shortcode and/or error code is listed in admin view

    I've noticed that before but as you've got a few threads open I assumed that this is a result of some debugging run by one of my colleagues. It turned out that this is an overlooked bug in plugin's code. Fortunately it was easy to fix, so I pushed the patched plugin's file to your server already and the issue is gone.

    3) display with no functionality

    Could you please elaborate a bit on this? I'm not sure what are you referring to. I've took another look at the site, voted for an answer, it seems to be working but it's quite possible that I overlooked something.


  • Klaus

    Hello Adam,

    we are pleased knowing your support which we appreciate much. Yes, you are right, we are getting a closer...

    1) What's still not so nice with this Q&A Plugin is, it's missing e.g. a 'fix length' for headlines as it destroys the end result, when displaying all available questions. So I attach the screenshot once again to make more clear what we mean by that.

    View second question which is displayed on second line.

  • Klaus

    Also it would be awesome if you could implement in the widget function to select a 'drop down' list function as shown with the second widget in attached screenshot. Reason why we are asking for this option is simple(hopefully :grinning: explained.

    Imagine there would be hundreds of Q&A CATEGORIES to choose from... currently the widget would display all categories which then makes a site extremely long. Also all other widget placed on the sidebar wouldn't be really useful as they are underneath and on the bottom of a page. We believe no visitor will scroll far down just to view other inserted widgets. Wouldn't you agree to that and please can you implement the drop-down option?


  • Klaus

    Unfortunately we need also a little adjustment for SELECT from TAXONOMY instead select from a category. In our application we have implemented on ALL sites the same choice of categories (one category = name of available sub domain). Now, when we update e.g. adding on one of our sites a new category, such an update is then spread automatically across the entire network and a user does not get an option to add a new category (it will be an admin option only).

    Next we implemented (by using the TYPE feature) on each sub site a custom TAXONOMY type 'BotBO Member inputs' with always the selection criteria related to a specific site. There a visitor can now add new taxonomies if needed and of course which also ensures, a 'growing list' of taxonomies would be in general always related to a specific sub domain.

    Unfortunately with Q&A the categories were to enter manually and were not transferred from our main site. TAXONOMY type 'BotBO Member inputs' is available within Q&A... but on front end site, when adding a question the available selection offered is the CATEGORY one instead of the TAXONOMY.

    Please will you be so kind and change this in your source code too? Also by this occasion it would be fabulous if you could also let display categories and taxonomies on the ADMIN site too which we achieve by using the plugin ADMIN COLUMNS SETTINGS and e.g. within the TYPE Taxonomy definition there is only one TICK necessary to then make e.g. the BotBO Taxonomy type available and visible for all features on a site.

    Please view various screenshot to this subject to.

    Yes, dear valued Adam, if you could implement this request option as feature within Q&A as well that would be definitely fabulous and we, from our side would give the reference, that Q&A is now an entire complete and great solution.

    Thanks so much for helping us out.
    Kind regards

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Prinz,

    Thanks for these additional screenshots!

    1) What's still not so nice with this Q&A Plugin is, it's missing e.g. a 'fix length' for headlines as it destroys the end result, when displaying all available questions. So I attach the screenshot once again to make more clear what we mean by that.

    I've added this code to your child theme's style.css file:

    .question-summary {padding: 0px 5px 0px 10px;}
    .question-tags {float:none!important;}
    .question-started {float:none!important;}

    I think now the Q&A listing looks fine. Could you please take a look and let me know if it's all right now?

    As for your other questions. This is something that would usually fall under the "Features and Feedback" forum, however I suppose this isn't very complicated stuff but it's a bit beyond me. Let me then ask the developer if he can give us a helping hand with this.

    That being said, please keep an eye on this thread for further information.


  • Klaus

    Hello Adam,

    first: BIG Thanks for all you did in this case. Well, sadly there is only one smiley to rate positive and showcase our appreciation. So... we'll express it in this way: We rate you highest for prompt, professional help also being a reliable supporter!

    We recommend you highly.

    Regards this issue: YES layout looks great now and hopefully the developer will

    - fix the Widget issue first and soon
    - can implement the ADMIN COLUMN also shortly.

    Will follow up by occasion on that. Meanwhile I close this thread.

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