Move from Simple:Press to Q&A

Our site has a Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress forum and I would like to implement Q&A for a million reasons... but I do not want to start from scratch with our historical question base (which was a joy to migrate from Joomla's Kunena into Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress).

Before I invest X hours into this, has someone else been to this dance already and have a good solution?

If not, when I give it a go I will return with my results. I am not a coder but can do my fair share if need to so I do understand some things about php and sql.

My goal is to migrate all posts from Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress to Q&A keeping in tact the Topics in SP as Topics in QA. As for Best postings, that can come later....

Thank you in advance.

  • DavidM

    Hi ippf and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    If Simple Press posts were a custom post type the conversion would be rather simple, but I'm really not sure how it could be done in this case. I thought there was an export option in Simple Press but I can't seem to find that on my test site.

    In any case, the data could always be exported from the database, adjusted for an import, then imported using something like the CSV Importer plugin perhaps.

    It's the adjusting of the exported data that's the tough part though.


  • ippf

    We considered moving to a Q&A style because our guests are there to ask questions and get answers. I wanted to do this in a simple format, but converting years of forum posts to questions was not in my schedule.

    We ended up converting our forums to Vanilla which has a Question plugin.

    However, I am going to push for a redesign and look hard at the Q&A. Won't know more for a few months.

    For you, both may work. Q&A for questions in general and forums for guided, specific topics. But that may be too much for visitors..... sorry.... but good luck.