Move from Simple:Press to Q&A

Our site has a Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress forum and I would like to implement Q&A for a million reasons… but I do not want to start from scratch with our historical question base (which was a joy to migrate from Joomla’s Kunena into Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress).

Before I invest X hours into this, has someone else been to this dance already and have a good solution?

If not, when I give it a go I will return with my results. I am not a coder but can do my fair share if need to so I do understand some things about php and sql.

My goal is to migrate all posts from Simple:stuck_out_tongue:ress to Q&A keeping in tact the Topics in SP as Topics in QA. As for Best postings, that can come later….

Thank you in advance.