Move Multi DB Setup on the same server

Hey guys

I have been moving DB around on my server to my back up drive it worked fine for standard WordPress site and the db moved fine no problem

Here is how i have done it and it worked for single db not the multi db setup

1) make a tar file of the DB
cd /var/lib/mysql
tar -zcvf blogline_db1234.tar.gz blogline_db1234

2) make a dir for the new DB
mkdir /backupdrive/mysql/
chmod -R 751 /backupdrive/mysql/
chown -R mysql:mysql /backupdrive/mysql/

3) Now Copy the tar file over to your new /backupdrive/mysql/
cd /var/lib/mysql
cp -Rf blogline_db1234.tar.gz /backupdrive/mysql/

4) Now untar the file
cd /backupdrive/mysql/
tar -zxvf blogline_db1234.tar.gz

5) Make sure the files are in the backupdrive/mysql/
cd /backupdrive/mysql/
du -sh -- *

6) Rename Old DB
Just SFTP and then go to /var/lib/mysql/ look for the DB and rename it to 1blogline_db1234

7) SimmLink (This tells My SQL the DB has moved)
ln -s /backupdrive/mysql/blogline_db1234/ /var/lib/mysql/blogline_db1234

8) Set Permissions
chmod -R 751 /var/lib/mysql/blogline_db1234
chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql/blogline_db1234

9) Now log in to your WordPress site and make sure it is still working just draft a post if it dont save then reset permissions if this dont work log in to Cpanel and do a repair on the DB some times you have to do this 3 times to get the site working again

10) Remove old DB
rm -rf /var/lib/mysql/blogline_db1234

11) Also remove the tar file in /backupdrive/mysql/blogline_db1234.tar.gz
rm -rf /backupdrive/mysql/blogline_db1234.tar.gz

Now this set up works for moving WordPress but it dont work for Multi DB any ideas and toughts would be welcom