Move WooCommerce database after new orders arrived


I'm not sure that I can ask you this, but I will try anyway, so just let me know if this goes beyond my support. :slight_smile: Since my multisite network doesn't work anymore I'm building all of my clients their websites from scratch again - I do import the WordPress content (Tools > Export), but this doesn't move the order data from WooCommerce. When I move the whole database, I get the same error as on my network, so decided to "do the database myself" through WordPress dashboard, so this wouldn't happen again. I have one client where I forgot to go in and move databases regarding the orders (woocommerce_order_item, woocommerce_order_itemmeta, post & postmeta), so now their orders is there, but there is no products in the order. (see attached screenshot - I've blacked out the customer info, but you cn see the product count in the middle of the blacked out areas, where the 2 new orders have the products, but all the old ones doesn't) So all info, price, customer info, etc is there, but the products they bougth isn't there. This client then have sold 2 more orders since the new website launched, so now when I try to import the orders, it doesn't allow me to do it, because the ID's from the new orders is the same as the old orders that I try to import..

So my question to you are, how can I get the products in to the new website orders? Can I import the old database in a way where it still keeps the new orders, but create new ID's or whatever that can make this work, so they can have both the new and old orders in their new shop?

I've been trying to do this for 6 hours now and are out of ideas on how to merge this. I realy hope you can help me.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,