Moving a blog out of my MU install, to it's own single install of WP

Currently, I'm using WPMU 3.1.2 and domain mapping to power a few blogs.

Now, I need to be able to move two of the blogs that I created within the MU install, to their own installation of single WP 3.1.2.

I have already exported the content, but I'd like to be able to transfer over the active theme and plugins (including their settings).

I understand that I'll need to somehow address the issue of DNS and domain mapping, too.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks -


  • DavidM
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    Hi Todd,

    I've moved sites from multisite to regular, independent WordPress before but I've never really tried porting plugin and theme settings myself. Copying over the wp-contents folder takes care of porting the themes and plugins themselves, but I'm not sure how else to copy the settings except by manually copying them from the database.

    I'll run this by some of the guys over here but hopefully others around here will have some ideas as well.


  • Mason
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    Yeah, this would be a bit tricky. In addition to moving copies of the themes and plugins themselves - you'd also want to port over the wp_#_options table. You'd need to export it from mySQL and then remove the # (making it wp_options) and then import it into your new install - with the caveat that this will also move over the siteurl and home values which you may not want.

    Then you'll also want to make sure anything that the theme or plugins had uploaded (a theme option for uploading a photo for example) is added as well. Many themes do this and as they aren't part of the Media Library in WordPress - they aren't ported during the WordPress Import/Export process.

    There are tools that assist with this. Backup Buddy is a paid plugin that I've used before. Makes an entire copy of a wordpress instance and then allows you to recreate it on a new install - pretty handy for cases like this.


  • toddfarmer
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    Thanks guys!

    Does BackupBuddy work with MU? (Specifically, activating the backup buddy plugin on one of the blogs within an MU install, and then creating a single wp install with that backup)

    I'll check more into it, too. Thought I'd ask if you knew, first.

    Thanks again -


  • Mason
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    Does BackupBuddy work with MU?

    I've used it to backup an entire network install before - but not tested with individual sites on a network install.

    Here's their codex page:

    And in the notes section:
    3.0 MultiSite is currently not officially supported though reported to work for direct restores. Migration not available.

    So maybe that won't work... you could give it a try, though you'd have to pay for it regardless....

    Other options:

    Otherwise, you'll just have to do a dump of your wp_options table, edit and import. Just test the process out first naturally :slight_smile:

  • DavidM
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    Yeah, I've used BackupBuddy as well and couldn't see a way to export a single site from within a multisite. As far as I last checked (about a month back) it was either all the database or nothing.

    Could really use a tool that could export a site from within a multisite! :slight_smile:

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