moving a multisite from one domain to another

Hopefully someone can help me with this because I really don't want to redo this whole multisite. Here is my problem. I have a multisite that I created on a testsite. it's actually called
OK my first move was hey I have wp twin I can just use that and move it over like I do with all of my sites. it doesn't work.
So then OK lets just copy the whole site over to the new domain and then copy and import the database into another database then connecting it in the config file. that didn't work either. Then I went and bought a $99 program to help me move the database over and supposedly it should work...right? No. So now i'm at the point where either I have to recreate the site and multisite (which isn't even working anyways because it's stupid..sorry really irritated with this) And I do not want to do that! Or find some guru hopefully on here that could help me figure this out, because i'm at my wits end with this.