Moving a [staged] theme to an existing site

This topic is related to this one, only a little bit different:

I have staged a site on a wholly different domain and database then the one I am moving it to.

I have the "snapshot" plugin, but I am worried that this will not carry over correctly as the target site I am looking to move upfront/spirit to has a database and content already. This database may have different table numbers( I am not sure to be honest) or table prefixes, and I am worried that using "snapshot" to import database values may cause a lot of problems.
I am not looking to overwrite the content(posts/categories/etc) in the target site. I ONLY want to move the theme [and its settings/dependencies] without overwriting content and definitely without causing database issues.
I hope this makes sense.

Side note:
I am also not looking to reset the theme to its default settings as that is irrelevant here, I am simply looking to migrate what I have already designed to my site(without having to manually edit and basically redesign the whole thing).

  • Milan

    Hi @Kayla,

    I hope you are having an superb day. :slight_smile:

    Snapshot has migration logic built in, so it actually should work. You will need snapshot on both sites and then import the snapshot from the one site to the one you want to restore it on.

    An important note here is that the migration logic is still in beta stage but it has been working well for members. :slight_smile:

    Snapshot is able to carry on all the changes you have made with upfront. So there is not problem with that. :slight_smile:

    But as I told you before Migration logic is still in beta stage. And make sure you keep your original install until you are sure that the import went smoothly, then you can delete/remove the original. :slight_smile:

    I hope this helps you..

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with..

    Enjoy Wpmudev..

    Warmest Regards,

  • Kayla

    I used snapshot to migrate. I transferred settings from a multisite to a single site by exporting/importing only the "options" database table and the "theme files".

    It didn't import the menus I had, so I used a separate plugin to move the menus.
    It also disabled some plugins, but I re-enabled them manually.
    Also I installed plugins manually BEFORE importing anything from snapshot.

    Overall, it saved a lot of time but I feel it could use more development( I would like to be able to stage a full site and move it with all of its features and possibly without placing it on a public ftp)

    I appreciate your response, this was a very big issue for me!

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