Moving a sub-site from MU to SU

So, I have a site at http://zdecade/davidgewirtz which is a sub-site on a WP multi-site installation. The Zdecade site is the main site.

I want to create a single-site WP install (no multisite at all) that is just

Now, a few gotchas. should have gone to the zdecade/davidgewirtz site, but it's intermittent. Something's not quite right in cPanel.

So, while some pages and, more importantly, graphics, link to, others are at

So, what's the most painless way for making the move, properly moving the domain to, not screwing stuff up, keeping my theme configuration, and all the rest?

I'm using a WPMU theme, but off the top of my head, can't remember which.

Oh, and hi everyone. Been busy the last few months. Hope things are good!